Nick Rose

"The Creative Geek"

The key to the success behind Marketing Empire is in no doubt due to the tireless  efforts of each one of our team members. The staff are recruited not just for their experience and knowledge, but also for their relentless efforts to help enhance the client experience.

Nick is the person responsible for not only creating highly customised and functional websites, but he also does it with flair! We’re very lucky to have a guy who is not only a geek when it comes to highly effective programming, but who has a design background too, ensuring that client websites (and the Marketing Empire one), looks and functions superbly.

“My career has pushed me down the line of designing beautiful ‘static’ websites for 4 years, until I took several programming courses to help develop me further into custom CMS websites, giving clients far greater flexibility and functionality. So combining my ‘design’ background with my more recent improved programming abilities, I work with each client to ensure their site is super-duper, better than their competitors (I would say that!), and in many cases exceeding their requirements.”