Cryptocurrency :: Video Production

Full-scale video production for a London-based cryptocurrency management client.

A cryptocurrency fund management company based in London.


Our tasks:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Location and vehicle scouting
  • Casting actors
  • Crew assembly
  • Full video production and editing

We were assigned by our client, a newly established cryptocurrency trading platform based in London, to produce a promotional video to help launch their service.

Our job involved storyboarding, script-writing, location scouting, casting, crew assembly – to help bring this large scale production together for our client in a very tight deadline of 7 weeks from concept to delivery.

An incredibly fun shoot to be involved with, using vast expertise from dedicated crew members and exceptional video/sound/lighting gear … coupled with fantastic actors to bring the script to life.

Watch the short interviews with some of the cast and crew below on this page to gain more insight into this project.


Our client's sign-off review...

“Deren and his team have been a delight to work with on this production.  When we put our project out to tender, we were concerned about being able to find a competent Director, crew and cast to deliver the video in the time-frame that we were looking at, but Deren turned this around like magic!

They took on board our brand guidelines, project scope, script ideas and the team got back to us with an incredible concept that was easy to say “yes” to straight away.  We loved the whole idea, the way it was presented, and the storyboard enabled us to visualise exactly what Deren had in his mind … and the final video exceeded our expectations.

Once we launch our campaign and gain some momentum, I’ll be coming back to you guys to work on additional projects and have no hesitation in recommending your services.”

  • Client (currently under NDA)

Interview with: DEREN (Director)

Interview with: Bryan (cast)

Interview with: Heather (cast)

Interview with: Elizabeth (cast)

Interview with: Luke (cast)

Interview with: Melissa (cast)

Interview with: Will (crew)

Interview with: Leon (crew)

Interview with: Gabi (crew)

Interview with: Eric (crew)

Interview with: Tom (crew)

Interview with: Dave (crew)

Watch the full video below...