Deren Stevens

"The Boss"

The key to the success behind Marketing Empire is in no doubt due to the tireless  efforts of each one of our team members. The staff are recruited not just for their experience and knowledge, but also for their relentless efforts to help enhance the client experience.

Deren is the overall project manager for the team, as well as being the ‘face’ of the brand. His responsibilities include meeting with clients, understanding clients’ goals and ensuring that projects are undertaken smoothly and effectively by the rest of the team. Deren’s core specia­lity is Public Relations, helping gain strong attention for clients, developing branding and growth through the power of media relations. He also helps run the ‘Customer Care’ side of the business, due to enjoying the constant client interaction.

“The team I work with is crucial to the foundations of this agency – the members of our team are the most important asset we have, of which I’m very proud.”