Video Production

High quality, professional video production to help catapult your business message to your audience … in the most effective way possible!

We provide high quality, professional video production, which includes:

  1. Custom green screen presentation
  2. On-location shoots in the UK
  3. 4K+ cameras and pro sound/lighting
  4. Storyboarding and script-writing
  5. Casting and talent arrangements
  6. Professional, uniformed crew

We'd LOVE to produce your next video...

Whether it’s a professional green screen studio for producing your videos, or shooting videos at your location/site, we would be happy to accommodate. With an equipment list comprising of HD cameras, pro-audio, lighting and even drones for aerial footage, you can be assured of the best possible footage.

The videos we produce for you are a reflection on us, so we always go above-and-beyond to ensure they turn out awesome. Our business has flourished in the last few years due to constant referrals, and we hope you’ll soon find out why clients are raving about us.

To discuss your requirements, arrange a consultation or to get a quote for your upcoming project, please get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help.


What we do?

Strategy Creating

Script writing and storyboarding

Video Production

Video Marketing

You know about the importance of video in your marketing mix, right?

Everyone’s been told about how powerful an engaging and interactive video can help you to convert more visitors into solid enquiries, enhance your brand image, build customer loyalty, and help you put a face to your Company.

Videos act as 24/7 salesmen, repeating your sales message to your targeted audience, no matter what time of the day or night!

MarketingEmpireTV stemmed from our original marketing agency, MarketingEmpire, when a lot of our clients were requesting videos to become a permanent part of their marketing mix.  After all, they were relatively inexpensive for clients, they could be used for months or even years, and videos were widely proven to help attract and convert more sales.

After a large investment into video production equipment in 2012, we hit the ground running. Our existing database of clients loved the service and the referrals flowed in.

Regardless of the size of your video production project, no matter where you are based, let’s discuss how we can collaborate to help you achieve your desired goals.

Many of our clients come from all across the UK, North America and Europe; with our trusted network of cameramen, presenters and audio specialists, let’s discuss your project and enable us to provide you with a tailored proposal.


Testimonials and clients

Good words. Good people


12 crew members

Access to £60k+ of video gear

34 'on-location' shoots in 2017

477 green screen presentations in 2017