James Nicholls

"The All Rounder"

The key to the success behind Marketing Empire is in no doubt due to the tireless  efforts of each one of our team members. The staff are recruited not just for their experience and knowledge, but also for their relentless efforts to help enhance the client experience.

James is usually the man on the end of the phone, on the website LiveChat, or when you email into the office. He works with clients to discuss their plans and goals, then sets in motion how to make it all happen – whether it’s a straightforward PR project, a new E-commerce website, a design campaign, or a full-scale marketing campaign involving several elements.

“I usually work quite closely with our clients, from start to finish, ensuring the project is evolving effectively. I have one of the best jobs at the agency as it involves speaking a lot (to clients, of course), and managing their high expectations throughout a mixture of diffe­rent campaigns – this helps make each day so different and exciting.”