Baljindir Singhe

"The Code Master"

The key to the success behind Marketing Empire is in no doubt due to the tireless  efforts of each one of our team members. The staff are recruited not just for their experience and knowledge, but also for their relentless efforts to help enhance the client experience.

When it comes to coding, programming and development of websites, applications or e-com­merce platforms, Baljindir is the man for the job. If it’s technical. .. it’s handed to Baljindir. If it’s broken … it’s handed to Baljindir. If it needs upgrading … yep you guessed it, it’s handed to Baljindir. Anything to do with whizzy techno doodahs, especially when it comes to servers, hosting, and applications are dealt with by this genius.

“I am always happy about managing multiple complex projects – whether upgrading client servers, playing with new security features, or testing out new applications that can help clients in future.”