Stephanie Turner

"The Number Cruncher"
The key to the success behind Marketing Empire is in no doubt due to the tireless  efforts of each one of our team members. The staff are recruited not just for their experience and knowledge, but also for their relentless efforts to help enhance the client experience.
Stephanie is the person responsible for the financial side of the business, ensuring budgets are set (and kept!), invoices are paid as well as collected. In effect, any paperwork that contains a single number on it gets added to the pile on her desk- not a responsibility the rest of the team would like to deal with!
“My day involves sifting through the paperwork that the rest of the guys pile on my desk, and ensuring the business is operating smoothly. I mainly hold the purse-strings and ensure everything is on budget (because no one else would want that responsibility), as well as playing ‘bad cop’ when we have to chase outstanding invoices.”