Now Accepting XRP Cryptocurrency

UK-Based Marketing Empire Leading Cryptocurrency Sector with Public Acceptance of XRP Digital Asset

Dynamic marketing agency moves to forefront of digital age by offering clients new method of payment by way of redesigned online portal; option to reside alongside existing payment methods including credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers.

London, UK – November 2018 Marketing Empire (, a London-based dynamic marketing agency specialising in bespoke website design, digital marketing and video production is leading the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector with public acceptance of the XRP digital asset via its website and direct orders. This decision moves Marketing Empire to the forefront of the digital age by offering clients a new method of payment through its recently redesigned online portal, all while keeping existing payment method options – including credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers – readily available.

“We have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of emerging technologies and available tools that can help our clients advance their businesses efficiently – now we’re doing it again by allowing clients to pay using the cutting-edge XRP cryptocurrency,” states Deren Stevens, Director of Marketing Empire. “Clients can place orders for any of our expanding range of products and services on our website, and at the checkout will be presented with the option to pay via XRP; for any orders they place with us directly – such as through invoice or over the phone – clients can simply request an XRP invoice, should they wish to pay that way.

“To say we’re excited to be offering this leading-edge payment option is something of an understatement. This opens the doors for many of our International clients to send cross-border payments at real-time speeds, without the usual 5+ day SWIFT bank transfers, at a cost of less than 1p regardless of the size of their order.”

As a real-time gross settlement system to transfer money, XRP is safe, immediate and virtually free for all global monetary transactions.

Marketing Empire have been working and consulting with ICOs and cryptocurrency firms since 2015 – including consulting on global PR to help with mainstream recognition of Bitcoin, producing over 150 videos for various ICOs especially during the previous 2017/18 “bull run,” and working to help promote the XRP digital asset as a mainstream utility.

“I was offered 3 Bitcoins in 2014 (approximately $1500) to undertake a marketing project helping to generate media coverage for this little-known Bitcoin – I turned it down in favour of “real money” … to have my stomach turn during the January 2018 bull-run where the price per Bitcoin had jumped to $20k” says Deren Stevens.

“Ultimately, with the experience gained in the cryptocurrency market over the last few years, working on behalf of various currencies and ICOs, we’ve come to the conclusion that XRP will become a mainstream and household name by 2020 due to it’s ‘real World use’ and being adopted by banks for cross-border payments. Thus, we’re investing heavily in the infrastructure to not only support acceptance of this asset ourselves, but also to help build this acceptance in to many of the new websites we develop for our clients who want to be at the forefront of technology. We would love for the XRP and cryptocurrency community to help support our mission in raising awareness of it’s acceptance under our roof.”

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