Good words. Good people

We assigned Deren and his team to take over the social media marketing and SEO for our business, since a previous supplier had failed to deliver any tangible results in over 12 months. Straight away, Deren put together a comprehensive plan of action, a timeline for us to keep track of progress, and his efforts were yielding results in less than 4 months! So so pleased, just a shame we didn't discover Marketing Empire a bit sooner.  Highly recommended!

- Janet Miel -

Having had first contact with James at Marketing Empire, I was really impressed with the level of understanding he possessed about our industry, having worked for previous tech clients. After my first consultation with the team, they put together a strategy that our in-house management and marketing team were really pleased with signing off.  Within 2 months, we could see the marketing implementation taking shape and starting to bring in real results.  This included major press coverage of our start-up, as well as just over 60% increase in website traffic in the first 3 weeks of gaining press attention. Really pleased and we'll be using your team long-term.

- Jordan Smithe -

We'd spent several months searching for a good quality marketing team to utilise for our upcoming beauty product launches, when I was referred to Deren at Marketing Empire. He took the time to really understand our unique business, ethos and brand management guidelines.  From there, he put together a plan of action as well as pointing out some fundamental flaws that our own in-house team had over-looked. Couldn't be more pleased with Deren's approach to helping us launch our products, but also his attitude in going the extra mile to ensure our team are well-versed in the plans too. Although we only started working with Marketing Empire 3 months ago, I can already see we'll be utilising their services for a long time to come.

- Katie Nelson -

At first, I was taken aback my Deren's ability to dismantle all of my own initial marketing ideas in place of his.  But looking back, I fully understand that his approach is simply to ensure a good ROI, rather than just agreeing with me (the client!) - each of his decisions was fully justified at the time with in-depth explanations ... making me feel comfortable that he knows what he's doing. With bad experiences in the past with various agencies and consultants, I'd held faith in Deren (as he came highly recommended by a friend) and my decision to listen to his advice has really paid dividends. Working with Deren, Nick and Baljindir predominantly, they developed a sales-led website that has already driven 42% higher conversions than my previous website, as well as driving an additional *1183 unique visitors to the website from the marketing campaign. (*Comparing  August 2017 to August 2018) Chuffed to bits and have already referred a few family members to Marketing Empire.

- Steven Taylor -

I initially employed the services of Marketing Empire to produce a short video for my online custom clothing brand, which I was very pleased with.  Deren went above and beyond to ensure the final video met with my expectations, when in fact they'd far exceeded them with what I was looking for. Since then, I've utilised the team for a larger scale video production project, video marketing, as well as some website development work. I have no complaints and no regrets, can't really have asked for much more than the service and quality I've received so far.

- Mary White -

Deren first came on our radar when we'd seen a previous video he'd produced for a company in the cryptocurrency niche.  Having loved his work and delved deeper into what he could provide, we assigned a small video production job to Marketing Empire. Wow.  We weren't disappointed!  The video was so cinematic, energetic and helped us drive more qualified visitors to our website - not only that, our conversion rates shot up over 70% since adding the video to our website. Deren nd his crew have since produced an incredible "on-location" video for us, comprising of 9 crew members and 5 actors, which looks so cinematic and incredibly put together.  We're so excited to release our new video to the cryptocurrency World once our website has been re-designed!

- Richard and Kevin Omar -