Congratulations for being selected on StarNow...

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to enter our StarNow contest … and secondly, congratulations for being one of the 50 selected winners (out of over 400 entries).

Below, you will find the initial Booking form to secure your slot in our green-screen studio.  As per the StarNow listing, this is a FREE 45-minute slot in the studio (based in Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40), where we will shoot your corporate presentation, monologue, audition-tapes or any acting piece to camera.

There are NO catches!  Your videos will be shot on our 4K cameras, using professional sound/lighting gear and edited professionally in 1080p HD … helping provide you with more stand-out showreel materials for your future audition applications and to display in your StarNow profile.

Simply provide your script(s) so they can be loaded to the Teleprompter, ready for your arrival, enabling you to focus on how you deliver your scripts rather than memorising your lines.

There will be opportunities to watch your videos back in the studio and re-shoot until you’re 100% happy with your performance during your session, as well as advice and critique to help guide you if required.

We simply ask that you provide your script(s) during the booking process, on the form below.  For a 45-minute session, we recommend you prepare 1-3 short scripts to present, allowing enough time to re-shoot accordingly.

There is an option to ‘add studio time’ to your booking at a subsidised cost, though you are not obliged to – this simply gives you more time in the studio during your booking, enabling you to shoot more monologues/presentations to be edited, or allow enough time for more advice/guidance so you can deliver the ‘perfect video.’

Once we have your booking form, you’ll receive several date/time options emailed to you within 7 days – please confirm your booking so it can be placed on to our Production Schedule accordingly.

By working with you during this initial process, we may also pitch you on future paid projects (primarily corporate presentations) if we believe you are a good fit for our clients.

In the meantime, please feel free to follow our Director, Deren, on social media (insta:   @dezza_uk) where we will also load behind-the-scenes footage from your StarNow shoots.

We thoroughly look forward to working with you soon!

DOWNLOAD CORPORATE SCRIPT IDEAS HERE (if you require some inspiration in writing your own).


We’ve assembled a few script ideas in the link below, ready for you to download, customise, and re-submit for your studio shoot.  Feel free to tailor the scripts for yourself, or simply use them as a starting point on how to structure your own from scratch.

DOWNLOAD CORPORATE SCRIPT IDEAS HERE (if you require some inspiration in writing your own).

For acting monologues, we advise you find a piece that is suited to your personality and character.