About the client & the tasks…


With a need to refresh an out-dated and tired looking charity-based website, the client turned to Marketing Empire for help.  With the development of a brand new, modern and easy to navigate website, this children’s charity was able to re-launch their campaigns using a more approachable presence.  Marketing Empire was also responsible for helping with the promotion of a fundraiser’s campaign, which helped raise over £31,000 for the charity due to the exposure gained.  The charity have also used our expertise to produce a professional charity appeal video, to help gain further exposure.

The task was:

“Deren is my ‘go-to-guy’ when it comes to developing our charity and driving it forward, along with his team – whether it’s storyboarding and producing engaging appeal videos; developing our website, or helping us run PR and marketing campaigns to gain further exposure – they’ve never let us down.  I highly recommend them – very approachable, friendly, down-to-earth and their expertise is greatly appreciated.”

David Russell,
Founder of www.AChildUnheard.com



Marketing 93%
Web Development 81%
Consultancy 57%
Videography 65%
Print 51%
  • achildunheard-charity-website

  • Jude – charity appeal video 2

  • Jude – charity appeal video

  • Fundraising Campaign marketing

  • David Russell – video appeal