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Press Release Writing and Distribution (Public Relations) –

Bill Gates once said: ”If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR.” In times of economic difficulty you simply can’t afford to cut corners when promoting your business!

Unleash New Promotions to the Media with Our Press Release Writing Services!

Marketing Empire assists clients by crafting the most articulate and successful press releases. We will write a compelling press release to announce the launch of a new promotion, sale, or product line. Our expert writers will create an eye-catching announcement to attract the attention of industry publications and websites.

Custom Press Releases for Companies of All Sizes!

In the past, only the largest businesses could afford expensive public relations campaigns. Without spending a small fortune to buy access to large publications, a small business could not receive coverage when launching a new initiative. However, modern technology has forever changed the way in which news websites and magazines cover small businesses.

We created our press release writing services to take advantage of this new opportunity. Since news websites benefit by providing constant news alerts on a 24-hour cycle, high-quality press releases are likely to be covered. We ensure with every project we take on, that a ‘newsworthy angle’ can be created, in order for publications and broadcasters to pick up your story and for you to receive coverage to targeted audiences.

Immaculate Writing and Comprehensive Submission Services.

Marketing Empire’s expert writers understand the key components of a compelling press release. We can help you submit your newest promotions to countless websites, newspapers, and magazines. Smaller blogs might also carry a company’s press release. It is important to submit news alerts to every possible outlet; as websites link back to your online portal, you will receive a higher page rank in popular search engines. This is an additional value experienced by our clients.

Bolster Your SEO Campaign with Press Release Writing Services from Marketing Empire!

Our press release writing services enhance search engine optimisation efforts. Also, customers are more likely to visit your website when new products and promotions are announced. Small businesses and large corporations alike benefit from our press release writing services. If you are looking to promote a new initiative, let our skilled writers paint your company in a positive light. We will alert the media about your new contributions to the global economy. Unleash the power of the international media with our help. Contact us today to learn about our affordable, efficient, and comprehensive press release writing services!

Guaranteed Coverage … or your money back!

Your read it right – we will give you all of your money back if we don’t get you any media coverage, online or offline. How can we offer this? Simple. We only take on projects that we are confident can get coverage in the first place. If after considering your brief we do not think we can get you the coverage you are after, you will be told from the start, so your time is not wasted. Most ‘raw briefs’ provided by clients can be professionally ‘spun’ by us to add the newsworthy angle that the media crave – once your new press release has been professionally crafted, it is time for it to be distributed. You can even come to us to develop a news story for you; our experts will come up with an innovative angle to help get you media attention.

With access to a database of over 50k targeted media contacts in the UK (including freelance journalists and editors; tv channels; as well as online news blogs), we will narrow the database down to target those that will be interested in YOUR news. The news release is sent by us through our servers, so you don’t need to worry about using your email resources; and all interested parties can contact you directly to ask questions or book you in for interviews. Your entire press campaign is taken care of by us, giving you time to do what you do best – run your business!

Online News-Feed Submission –

As well as EMAILING all of your targeted media contacts directly, we also submit your article via the World’s most trusted news-feeds websites to help with your branding and backlinks.

GUARANTEED Press Release Packages (if we don’t succeed in getting you coverage, we’ll refund you in full!):

:: Press Release Writing & Full UK Distribution= from £475+vat

Ready to get your project and take advantage of this special offer? Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we can begin working on a Press Release for you, and getting your story in front of a comprehensive audience across the UK and World. Fill in the contact form below and a member of our Marketing team will get in touch to discuss your project in full detail.