About the client & the tasks…


The US-based client, DreamSpin, is a specialist retailer in “swegways” (self-balancing boards), and commissioned Marketing Empire to set up their operations in the UK, to help reach a secondary market.  With consistent consultations to make this a reality, we aided the client during the branding process for their UK operation, as well as taking stock of their shipment of products in our offices.  The automated e-commerce website alerted us of all new sales, which were picked/packed and despatched by our team to the customers’ doors here in the UK.

The task was:
  • Set up UK operations for retailing

  • Store and despatch all sales in the UK

  • Marketing and promotions to a targeted UK audience.

“Marketing Empire really took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve, as well as constantly coming up with great new ideas on how we can launch the business and drive more sales through our doors.  The first shipment sold out in the UK very quickly, through the help of their team, and we’re working on getting the next shipment into the UK soon.”

Steven Hollander,
Director of www.shopdreampin.co.uk



Marketing 93%
Web Development 81%
Consultancy 57%
Videography 65%
Print 51%
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