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Having run Blixxo Audio for a few months via a free website and Amazon, the owners of Blixxo decided to take a more professional approach to the launch of the start-up.  They approached Marketing Empire to create a professional e-commerce website that is designed to capture leads, automate the sales process, and drive targeted prospects through via clever online marketing plans.  The new website is more reflective of the brands professional audio equipment, with a fresh and modern platform that is easy to navigate and make purchases from.  Now, Blixxo have a more autonomous approach to their business, an easier way to capture more targeted leads, and convert more sales.

The task was:
  • Build new e-commerce website platform

  • Produce and execute a cost-effective marketing strategy

  • Help automate the leads/sales process in order to scale growth easily.

“After discussing having an initial promotional video produced by Marketing Empire, Deren and his team impressed me with the quality of their other ideas to help drive my business forward.  Although we were selling a few units per day via Amazon previously, backed up by a ‘free website’ to help showcase ourselves, the brand didn’t look too professional.  I took on board the new ideas that we were pitched, and commissioned Marketing Empire to produce a brand new e-commerce website, freshen up our brand, and create a series of videos and online marketing promotions to help drive users to our new platform.  

Although it’s still early to tell, as we only re-launched this month, I’m already so impressed with how our brand is being portrayed, how our sales process is a lot more automated, and how we’re able to scale growth by getting Marketing Empire to increase our online ad-spend.  The most important thing as a start-up is to keep control of cash-flow and not waste money, so I really appreciate how cost-effective our advertising has been since using you guys.  Thank you!”

Director of www.Blixxo-Audio.com



Marketing 93%
Web Development 81%
Consultancy 57%
Videography 65%
Print 51%
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