Five Elements Essential to Building Brand Loyalty

This week we’re going to focus on ways that companies on a small-business budget can use big-business strategies to help build brand loyalty. We’re going to look at some major global players, like Apple, Samsung and Amazon, and we’re going to analyse what sets them apart from the competition and how their marketing strategies have helped to build loyalty among their customers.

Mobile Commerce is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Mobile technology has changed the way that we do just about everything. We’re more connected, more on-the-go and more likely to use our phones for common everyday tasks, including shopping. Not surprisingly, this trend has made it necessary for businesses to change the way they market. Additionally, in order to survive in today’s global economy, companies must learn to be adaptable and be able to evolve as technology advances.

Is Your Brand Desirable?

The Clear agency recently released the 2013 Brand Desire listing. The listing contains the top 20 brands in the UK. Topping the list was Apple and iPhone. Other contenders on the list included Ferrari, Amazon and Trip Advisor. So what makes a brand desirable? Based on Clear’s study, it’s a mix of energy, connection and…

Farewell, Google Reader. RIP

At the end of the day on July 1, Google shut down its Google Reader platform, ending almost eight years of personalising web content for its users. Whilst there’s no doubt the blogosphere will never be the same, many claim that the service’s departure actually leaves room for better alternatives. For those who use Google…